Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Time Out of the Shoot

Hi all,
Just getting started with this blogging. My soon to be ex has done this for years and found it quite cathartic so I thought I would give it a go.
A little boredom and a lot of loneliness and here I am.
Not to be too remorseful, had a great day today. One of my neighbors is a real doll and I have taken up a true friendship with her. She is a Realtor and and is a loud (I'm hard of hearing due to years of occupational noisy environments) and a lovely soul. I have told her and she agrees, that we are truly friends and no sex. She has three "booty calls" and I am recently (well actually that's a long story and fodder for another night) separated.

She stood me up last night, I was invited for dinner with her and a couple of other people, but they had to sort out some business first. Well about half an hour after the time she said they would eat and she had said she would call when done the business discussion, I called and she said she would call back, she never called back.

This morning she called and said sorry for not calling, she had got incredibly busy with all that Realtor shit that happens when a deal goes south. I told her I was mad at her, she asked if I would like to go to the Y for a steam (not co-ed) and I said yes. I love relationships that you can be pissed at someone, tell them and then move on. Holding a grudge only works against you.

She picked me up in her vehicle and said she had a couple of errands.

Yesterday before dinner she had hired a kid and had sent her down, at my request, to do some house cleaning, I usually do it myself but my friend was trying to help a friend of hers that's having a rough time, get her kid to do something besides hang at the mall.

So today when we were doing the errands, Friend says to me "Go grab some flowers ($5) and we'll give them to "the kids" mom. \

I grabbed the flowers and we headed for the office where the mom works. When we got there Friend says: take them in and just give them to her and don't mention my name. I walked in to the office with the flowers and lied to her, I said "I saw you in the window and I saw the flowers and I had to get them for you, my name is AJ and I'll see you again." and left. The smile on her face was as bright as the sun. forgive me for my lie.

I am on sick leave right now. Well actually tomorrow I transition to long term disability, it's been a month now since I fell skating, well actually, I hit my head and got a concussion, twice. The first time was with the kids, playing shinney (make up hockey) and the second time was with the full on gear on. Had a helmut on both times. First one was just a ringing in my ears after I flopped down backwards to not fall on a kid when I lost my balance and the second was a hard cut, too close to the boards to follow the play the other way. Was joining the local firefighters recreational game and thankfully I didn't loose conciousness or the bas___ds would have given me mouth to mouth. Limped off under my own power, slowly, and in my best Don Cherry voice said I was "doing the European thing". Finished the scrimmage, about another hour of hard cardio, went home. Friend had invited me for dinner, had two glasses of wine and felt totally pissed.
Indecently had a doctors appointment the next day and guess what, mild to moderate concussion was the diagnosis. I work in the transportation industry and the concussion is a game stopper for the job I do, at least in the short term. Hence, I have started to blog because there is only so much surfing one can do. to be continued

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